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Please Read This Important Consumer Report
Before You Even Think About Taking-Up Any Other
"Work at Home Job or Moneymaking Offer"

I've Spent Years Researching
The 'Good The Bad And The Ugly'
That Can Realistically Earn
£500 - £700 A Day
Or More.

The Truth Will Shock You...

From the Desk of Catherine Roberts,
Consumer Publisher and Senior Reviewer:

Dear friend,

Do you really need to earn extra money from home?

   Do you too have the dream of making a ton of money with no effort
and in your pyjamas?

   I know I'd love to have more time with my family and have thousands of £££'s flowing into my bank account each month. And of course working only a few hours a week from my own home with no nasty boss looking
over my shoulder.

Isn't that what everyone wants..?

   Is all this really possible? Is there a way to make heaps of money on the internet with little work and low financial outlay? 

   Does such an ideal situation even exist anywhere on the planet? 

We're certainly led to believe this is the case by the hundreds
of so-called "job" and "business opportunity" offers on the internet.

   It doesn't matter if it's a "make money from your computer" scheme, selling by classified ads, envelope stuffing, typing scams, stock market investing (ughh!), buying a book/course on how to make an internet fortune, internet affiliate marketing etc etc etc.

  Yes we've all been faced with the same fantastic promises of how these scheme sellers have made a pile of money and how they can show you how to copy their success.

I calculated over the last 5 years that 96.7% of these people and systems are nothing less than total frauds.

   They are just schemes that prey on the hopes and dreams of folks who simply want to improve their quality of life. You might have already fallen prey to some of these con artists, convincing you to buy their latest "get rich quick" scam.

Me too. I can't remember how many of these systems I've purchased over the years, I have tons of books & manuals collecting dust on my hard drive.

I always used to think 'this one is different' and this next offer was all that was needed to "make it".

   I don't know why, but I just saw the "good" in people and was "sold" over and over again after being duped by their schemes.

That is until I just got FED UP!

Time To Sort The Good From The Bad

   Finally, I decided to start doing something about it. I decided to get to the bottom of this 'thing' we all have about get rich quick schemes and home based businesses - and find out if there really are any LEGITIMATE opportunities out there to make money.

   I literally contacted the administrator or promoter of every "get rich quick" or  "work-from-home" website I could find. Posing as an candidate I convinced them that I was seriously interested in buying their entire operation/business.

   Once the pound signs started flashing in their heads they then gave me access to their members areas etc so I could see what I would be "buying." And the way it turned out I was absolutely disgusted with over 95%
of what I found.

Many of the business owners even bragged about how many "punters" bought their useless systems. I repeatedly found:


Only 13% of the sites actually contained the information
that they claimed

No proper support or backup

No real product to speak of (many were simple "chain letter" type scams)

Links that were supposed to lead me to all kinds of rescources turned out to be inactive and sent me nowhere

More than half the sites require you to pay more money for their so-called "secret information" that you can find on the web for free

Terrible Customer Service, over 90% of them never replied to emails and completely ignored my requests for refunds.


   I quickly came to realise these most of these so-called Get Rich Quick and Work-at-Home schemes were totally useless.

And the owners knew it... and they were laughing all the way to the bank!

Needless to say I didn't take-up their offers to buy their businesses.

So What REALLY DID Work?

   Surprisingly enough, I did find 3 offers (and only 3) run by genuine & proper business people who put real money in your pocket each week.

Each of these opportunities has a genuine potential to earn you a full-time income from home. These programs really do have a major percentage of their members actually making money. I realised I had indeed found the exeptions to the rule.

   The owners are genuine people who are really interested in helping you earn a decent living. The websites are packed with information and the products they promote are filled with money making information.

   I took the step of contacting some of the clients who used these programs and they were all of them making money. In fact some of them were making £15,000 and more per month - others were only making around £500-£550 a week.

Don't just take my word for it, go check out the sites. You decide.


You Can Visit The Websites Listed Below With Confidence

   I wish you great success in whatever decision you make and I sincerely hope that you find the opportunity that will give you everything you ever wanted.

   Whatever you do  **DO NOT**  start any of these 3 programs until you have tried all of the other "Get Rich Quick" schemes out there and are unsatisfied with what you receive, as you and I both  **KNOW**  
you will be.

All the very best,

Catherine Roberts, 
Consumer Publisher & Senior Reviewer

The (Very) Few Legitimate Work-at-Home Opportunities I've Found After Wasting Years of my Time and Losing Thousands of Pounds

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Here are the Links to the Three Programs I mentioned - however...

  I'll warn you one last time not to even look at these programs unless you are sick-and-tired of trying all the other no-good systems on the internet.

   If you've had well enough of being taken for a ride, then take a look below, I've written a brief summary for each of them to make sure you get to choose  the right one:


Legitimate Program No# 1 


Our average earnings per day: £312.61 

   This one is for those people who are most serious about creating a really good  full-time income. You'd be working at home online doing fairly simple and straightforward tasks for around 2-3 hours a day.

I have also interviewed personally the owner of this program on the phone and can verify that the opportunity is all it claims to be.

Read through the whole page which describes the most "hands free"
method I have discovered to date - and use to earn extra money for myself on a day-to-day basis.

The owner is as straight as they come and does deliver on everything
he says.

   No experience is needed as the system is set out in a simple step-by-step manner  and is constantly improving. At this point I'd like to say it's very very simple to operate. There is also a full live support staff and dedicated support lines for you to call into if you ever need assistance. 
Very Highly Recommended

**New** I have just started using this program and couldn't be more pleased with the results.


Legitimate Program No# 2


Our average earnings per day: £253.41 

The reason why the CommissionCashCode works so well is a very simple one. Because of the ever growing power and popularity of the biggest website on the whole of the world-wide-web: Facebook

With all the millions of people from all over the planet using Facebook every day - it was only a matter of time before someone stumbled upon some 'backdoor method' to make some real and fast cash (legally).

The creator of the CommissionCashCode is certainly no teenage 'computer nerd'. It was designed by an ex senior employee of Google who used his expert 'insider' information to the fullest extent.

In the CommissionCashCode website he explains how he chanced upon this special Facebook system and shows you, in 1 simple step, how it would definitely work for you.

The website itself contains a short, no-nonsense, powerful video which explains in simple terms how everything works. One thing's for sure - you'll never forget what you see!

I found the earning potential to be very impressive considering the short amount of time this system took to set-up. Never have I managed to earn less than £200 a day from this and for only 45 minutes or so a day that's pretty impressive!

All the information is in the form of a step-by-step report & can be downloaded straight-away. So if you're keen to start, you should be able to start earning from this within your first 2-3hours.

This idea may not make you a multi-millionaire - but virtually anyone should be able to earn a decent income from this method. CommissionCashCode has my heartiest recommendation for just about anyone who wishes to earn money from home whilst doing something very simple indeed!

Helpful hint; my own and many of my clients experience has found that using this method along with the Program number 1, WebWorkingOnline (above) has led to pretty amazing success stories from the average user.

You can access CommissionCashCode here >>> Get This Now.

Highly Recommended


Legitimate Program No# 3

Our average earnings per day: £242.73

 Home Based Data Entry is simply a common term for processing orders and data online. This work is usually very well paid. There is a fast-track start available that can get you underway and earning money within a few
short hours.

  The ONLY reason I've awarded this opportunity 4 and a half stars is that the nature of the work can be very repetitive and boring (although for some people that is just what they're looking for).

  The system is set-up to ensure payments to you are instant.

Payouts are set at a minimum rate of £25.00 each. If you have access to a computer/laptop and have an email address you have all the equipment
you need.

  This organisation designed to bring you the very latest home data-work available at this present time. Highly regarded in the data industry - they specialise in listing opportunities that both pay extremely well and are simple and flexible to do.

You can choose to start working from home today and start supplimenting your income straight-away. Highly Recommended.

P.S.  The 3 reviews you see on this page are the results of my extensive and thorough research. Most opportunities I investigate just don't make it onto this page.

These reviews cannot guarantee you will make money, although they are the best that's out there at the moment. I guess it all depends on what you want out of life and the informed choices you're willing to make to get what you want.

P.P.S. Many people do ask me which of the 3 is the very best. The answer is #1,    that's why I put it at the top of the list.







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